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Prophetic art (including music, dance, words...) is a work of art which reveals the Father-God heart of love, His thoughts and intent, prophecies, strategies and timetable.  It comes with form, line, texture, colors, symbols, rhythm, sound and written words to enter through the human eyes and ears and senses to lodge like an arrow into the hearts and spirits of people who are searching to know His heart. Moreover, a piece of prophetic art is a "deep calls to the deep in the roar of your waterfalls." (Psalm 42:7)

Biblical art brings understanding and inspiration for what God did in biblical times.  Prophetic art is God giving us a "now" word. He is communicating now, sending a visual "speech" which must be responded to now. Thus it comes with immediacy and urgency and timing. When the art piece is seen, heard and read by those whom the Lord has been preparing to receive that word, this is their response, "Yes, Lord. I hear Your voice. I feel Your heart of love."

For me to paint and write for Him is to respond to His call in Isaiah 6:8, "Whom shall I send and who will go for us?"  My response is, "Yes, Lord, send me. Painting and writing for You is my spiritual worship."

We are in the time when the Lord is saying to many artists, "Step into your destiny now.  I am reclaiming the arts and using them in ways you cannot imagine.  I am sending you to infiltrate the marketplace, the institutions of higher learning, all the places where people deny My existence.  I am going to lead you in triumphal procession in My Son and through your art spread everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of Me. You will not be preaching yourselves, but My Son as Lord.  This is the ministry that is of the Spirit, and thus it will give life.  It will be a glorious ministry that brings righteousness!  You are vessels of clay, but you carry this treasure, and all will know that this power is not from you but from Me. And thus since you have such a hope, you will be very bold.  You are the sent-out ones, the warrior bride of Christ." (paraphrase from II Corinthians 2 - 4).

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