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Jean Shen has written 3 important books about her journey as an artist into the realm of prophetic and healing art. These books have been enjoyed by readers all over the world, helping them to face their own challenges. In reviewing His Garden, Dr Chuck Pierce stated that "Jean Shen is one of the few people I know that has a relationship with the Lord well enough to capture His heart and character both visually and in writing". All books are available - see order page for details.


His Garden

In 1996, the Lord sent Jean a story, His Garden. Since many of her paintings were woven into the story as characters -- butterfly, eagle, horse, Lion of Judah, Flame Tree, and others -- the artist began to understand the reason for the paintings that He had called her to paint. In this story you will see the heart of God reaching out to everyone to come into the Garden of Rest, there to be refreshed, restored, and transformed by His love.

You will learn about the coat of incredible lightness, the gatekeeper who insists that no one can enter with a sack of cares, the four creatures who mentor the crouching bride to prepare her to rise up as the warrior bride of Christ, "for such a time as this." (Esther 4:12)

The book is like a coffee table book, with beautiful color pictures accompanying the story.   

77 pages.

The story is also a musical play which has been used by the Lord in retreats and conferences to bring many into His Garden of rest.

Dr. Chuck Pierce, president of Glory of Zion International, Inc., wrote:  Jean Shen is one of the few people I know that has a relationship with the Lord well enough to capture His heart and character both visually and in writing.  His Garden is a tremendous book that has been adapted into a visual portrayal of unity.  If you wish to fully understand the "Rest" of the Lord, His Garden leads you to that place of faith.  Enjoy!




The Rising Up of the Warrior Bride of Christ, A Prophetic Journey

From the canvas of her own life, Jean Shen has drawn pictures with paints and words of the things that God is saying to all of us. In this book, the author details the events of her life that have inspired each of her works and given her prophetic messages for the church of our time.

It reveals her personal testimony of growth and release and brings hope and destiny to those who see with her.


Excerpt from the book:

God is developing the overcomer's spirit in His bride. We are in the overcomer's school.  The paintings He sent me, and the messages that came with them, are calls to us to be overcomers...Esther was born to be the queen of Persia in that historical time, so that she could save her people. In the same way, God is grooming His bride to be the Esther of this time, so that we, the church, the warrior bride of Christ, will rise up to do His final purposes in these last days before He comes back.  Such an important purpose, yet the Lord couches His words to His bride with gentle paintings and stories.


20 color pictures.  111 pages. 



Dr. Chuck Pierce, president of Glory of Zion International, Inc., wrote:

There is a war rising in the earth realm.  However, there is a Bride arising that will confront the forces of the adversary.  See her radiant!  See her marching! See her glorious! See her standing!  See her purity! See her arrayed in the victory garment!  This is a wonderful book that will help you picture the Bride readying herself for the future.  This book by Jean Shen will help you see yourself as the Lord intends you to be in the days ahead!




Out of the Wilderness, My Healing Journey Out of Cancer and Cancerous Lies

This is a surprising book. What began as a dialogue about a diagnosis of breast cancer between artist Jean Shen and the God who created her and loves her, became a journey out of her wilderness and into His Garden.


From her January 22, 2005 journal entry: "My whole life has been in a cocoon of pain and fear from molestation in early childhood, intimidation in schools, a broken marriage (since healed), and now, breast cancer. Cancer is the backdrop for God to teach me to fight as a fierce warrior. I will learn to say ‘No’ to all intimidations that make me submit to cancer as my lot. What God is after is for my spirit to emerge gloriously powerful and full of light."


Join Jean as she learns to laugh, play like a child and become who she truly is, even amidst the backdrop of cancer. In the Garden, you are loved and embraced for who you are. You see yourself, not alone and in pain and despair, but sitting as a child in the lap of the One who created you and holds your destiny in His hand.


As you read, you will learn to fight too - not just cancer and diseases but to fight discouragement, doubts, fear, intimidations that stem from the cancerous lies - false beliefs from the pit of hell that rob you of freedom and joy and life. You will learn to fight not from effort and toil but from rest and play, secure in the arms of your Beloved.