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Jean Shen taught art at the University of California in San Diego, Extension, for over twenty years, yet was so bound in fear and misery that she could not paint for sixteen years. In 1993, the Lord called her to be a "court painter, painting for the King," and gave her some 30 paintings which came first to change her life -- healing her and setting her free from fears.

These paintings in such incredible ways have paralleled the moves of God in this season of renewal and revival. They have come with clear prophetic words, calling the Bride of Christ to be healed and to rise up and step into her destiny as God's army to bring down the kingdom of God to earth as it is in heaven,"for such a time as this." (Esther 4:14).

She is not only an artist but a story teller as well.  Her first book is His Garden, Story and Paintings by Jean Shen.  She has woven together her paintings and story to call the bride to enter His Garden of rest there to grow strong and become the mature bride. Her second book, The Rising Up of the Warrior Bride of Christ shares some 18 paintings as God's messages to the church to impart hope, boldness and vision to us all. It is a help to the intercessors to know the time and season that we are entering. In 2001 with the creative help of her cast, Jean wrote, directed and produced the musical play titled The Rising Up of the Warrior Bride of Christ in His Garden.  (see order page for availability of the script ). 

In 2004, Jean was diagnosed with cancer and a third book was birthed in 2006, Out of the Wilderness, A Prophetic Journey Through Cancer and Cancerous Lies. It is a book showing how the warrior bride steps out to fight cancer using the weapons that God has given to her, not only fight the disease but also fight the enemy's lies.

Jean presently lives in San Diego with her husband Peter, and continues to teach Chinese brush painting and Chinese calligraphy. Please see  concerning her teaching.  She is working on her next book about the new "man" - new marriage, creativity and joy, and healing.

Jean invites you to pray alongside her for what God is saying through art and she welcomes your email in response to this website.

Please see her online journal, or contact her through for updates on her new assignment from the Lord.